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Anonymous asked: my girlfriend was working at the desk of this hotel in central florida when they received a call from a guest who JUST checked in that there was a GATOR in their room. She went up like "wtf?" and it was.. a gecko. Like a 5" long gecko. And the woman was freaking out going "eww! what's it do!" and my gf's like "it crawls on stuff and eats bugs n stuff" and the dad was laughing with his son while video taping my girlfriend chase it behind the couch and emerge with it hanging from her ear lobe lol





I absolutely remember hanging lizards from my ears when I would visit my family in Florida.

I’m probably very lucky that I didn’t get some sort of infection.

I did this shit all the time when I was growing up. Yay Florida.

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I feel like I’m in a daze and not in control of my body ever since Eric left back to Philly. I’m constantly nauseous and on the verge of tears. I feel like my medication isn’t helping me whatsoever.

Why can’t my brain be normal? Why do I have to go insane for two weeks every time one of us goes back home?

I hate this shit.

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American oil painter Donald Roller Wilson combines the polished realism of the Old Masters with a cast of eccentric anthropomophized animal characters, including dogs, cats and plenty of primates - many of whom are smokers - to create awesome pop surrealist portraits. His regular characters include Cookie the Baby Orangutan, Jane the Pug Girl, Jack the Jack Russell “Terror,” Loretta the Actress Cat, Miss DogAmerica, and Patricia the Seeing Eye Dog of Houston.

According to the New York Times, “Donald Roller Wilson’s goofy, hallucinogenic, Old Master-style painting of monkeys, dogs and cats dressed up in antique costumes may be kitsch, but it’s high-quality kitsch, like good beach reading.”

One of our favorite things about his paintings is that Donald Roller Wilson creates a brief narrative for each of them, much like Travis Louie (previously featured here) does for his own ever-expanding cast of characters.

We recommend visiting Donald Roller Wilson’s online gallery to view many more of his wonderfully strange paintings and read the stories that go with them.

[via Faith is Torment]

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1946 newlyweds - click the source link to see a recreation of this photo by their granddaughter and her new husband.


1946 newlyweds - click the source link to see a recreation of this photo by their granddaughter and her new husband.

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He’s left for the airport and I literally can’t stop crying, despite the fact that I’m already at work.

I miss him already. I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with this dork.

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aqf56b asked: I showed your post there's no such thing as too much sex to my partner she replied cystitis.....



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